If you are a senior person in the stage of life with the kids moved out, you might be looking to downsize and make the move to a smaller home.

Moving somewhere new, away from friends and the place where wonderful memories were made, can feel daunting.

At the heart of Carinity’s vision, our retirement villages offer seniors a great lifestyle in safe and social communities, where friendships are made and residents look out for each other.

Carinity is committed to seniors communities that offer adaptive living, giving the peace of mind of knowing you won’t need to leave the community you’ve come to know and love should you need additional support and care.

Our integrated service for seniors is being achieved through the co-location of retirement villages and residential aged care communities, and access to in-home care.

Carinity Aged Care Regional Manager Kathy Nicholls says co-located services for seniors are ideal for older people who “want to stay connected to their loved ones, families and friends”.

“Our approach is to integrate aged care and support services into our retirement lifestyle communities through in-home care and eventually more supportive accommodation and care services,” Kathy says.

“When it is time for the additional support of aged care living, residents don’t have to move away from established relationships and can maintain their close networks.

“Having retirement villages and residential aged care communities co-located also enables couples to remain connected if one partner requires a higher level of care.

“Once you’ve made the move to a Carinity community you’ll always be surrounded by your friendships and support, whether you’re living in the retirement village or one of our residential aged care communities.”

All Carinity retirement villages have access to in-home support from Carinity Home Care. Many Carinity seniors’ communities feature co-located retirement villages and residential aged care.

The new aged care community in Highfields is located next to the existing Carinity Brownesholme retirement village.

Joyce Larkens moved to the Carinity Brownesholme retirement community 20 years ago.

She finds comfort knowing a new home in the co-located residential aged care community awaits in their later years.

“The new aged care is going to be wonderful. I hope I can keep on living here for a while longer,” Joyce says.

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